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How long does it take for Untoxin to start helping me feel better?

Your body has been bombarded by inhaled pollution, dietary mistakes, stress-related chemicals and many other impurities for years. Untoxin immediately begins to assist the natural filtration process of your metabolism. In clinical studies most people reported significant results during the first three weeks!

Are there any side-effects from taking Untoxin?

When used as directed, Untoxin is a complete safe and effective method of cleansing impurities from your body. It is highly recommended that you drink at least four full glasses of water each day and make Untoxin part of a healthy overall lifestyle complete with proper diet and exercise to maximize the positive effects. There are no known side-effects.

What does Untoxin taste like?

Untoxin is odorless, tasteless and absolutely clean. It comes in a simple white bottle and each caplet is made of all natural cellulose. Unlike the powders, mixes and messy shakes offered by competitors, Untoxin does not require any clean up of kitchen appliances. Just one pill per day and you're on your way to a new healthier you, free of all the impurities and toxins!

Are there any dietary restrictions if I am using Untoxin?

You may continue to eat your normal diet. Untoxin does not interact with any foods or drinks beyond its primary function of bonding with impurities and facilitating their removal from your bloodstream via normal circulatory and metabolic filtrations already taking place within your body. Because Untoxin only bonds with impurities it does not impact your diet in any other way.

How is Untoxin packed and shipped?

The packaging and shipping method follow all the security and hygiene rules. We are very concerned with the health of our customers and the safety of our business, so it is all done strictly by the book. It ships to you in carefully inspected bottles, freshly sealed. Our name is on every bottle and we care deeply about our reputation. Untoxin is not available in stores, because we insist on maintaining strict quality control standards from the time it is created and packaged - all the way until it reaches your mailing address.

How many bottles do I need to detox my body?

This depends on the habits and behavior of each individual, but the safest bet is to buy the 6 months package. This period guarantees that you will really have your organism cleaned and purified.

Do you have difficulty sleeping peacefully all the way through the entire night? Untoxin is not a direct sleep aid, but many people suffering from insomnia are indirectly affected by the toxins in their digestive tract.

Thankfully Untoxin is the answer!

I had chronic acid reflux and nothing seemed to help. Within two weeks of trying Untoxin I felt 100% better. It's a great product!

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